World Cup Cyclist Visits Croydon Schools

Londoner Andy Smith set himself a very large six month challenge. He was to cycle 5,000 miles across Brazil to all of the Stadiums during the World Cup. He completed his challenge this summer AND managed to raise £5,500 for charity in the process! Croydon Bike It school were lucky enough to have him visit to share his story. Continue reading World Cup Cyclist Visits Croydon Schools

Doctor Bike at Nower Hill High School, Harrow

Doctor Bike Nower Hill Harrow
Hilary and Jeremy at Nower Hill School, Harrow

Nower Hill High School had a brilliant turnout for their Doctor Bike on Wednesday 15th October. Forty eight Students brought their bikes in to be checked and we had a good deal of interest during break times from some of the bikes’ owners in how to repair their machines and keep them in good working order. 

It was a great start for me on my first day as Harrow’s new Bike It Officer to meet such an enthusiastic school. Looking forward to our next event which will be a bikers’ breakfast in November with hot chocolate for anyone cycling to school that day.

A big thanks to Hilary for all the work she has done in Harrow over the last couple of months.

Jeremy Tranter

Rallying young volunteers to the cause

It is no secret that volunteering is a good thing, especially when you’re in college, university, or have spare time and are looking to boost your CV. However, currently not enough young people volunteer. Here at Sustrans the average age for volunteers is 42.

Magdalena Paczocha, a recent volunteer for sustrans shares her experience in her special guest blog post: Continue reading Rallying young volunteers to the cause