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Tour de Upminster

Bike It Secondary Pupils Provide Strong Cycling Role Models in Cycling Roadshow !

In Upminster, in the Bike It Plus borough of Havering, Coopers Coborn and Company secondary school has been a shining example of how to promote cycling in schools. They have embraced their role as a hub school by providing support to the Bike It primaries in their local area. The aim of the hub is to create a real “cycling journey” for children moving through primary education and onto secondary school where they are greeted by excellent cycling facilities, opportunities to be part of Bike Club, Bike Polo and the Youth Travel Ambassadors who promote sustainable travel throughout the school. Continue reading Tour de Upminster

Bike It Crew have their say!

superman dance move
superman dance move

On Friday the 4th of April, we had an excellent performance presented by the bike it crew and hosted by Lucy, the leader of our team. The performance was to encourage children and adults to cycle to school we did a synchronised dance routine and a super hero breakfast it was amazing. The experience was incredible because we had a great chance to show our skills and present the new school pool bikes.


Ishani and Ashton, Bike It Crew, Year 6 James Oglethorpe Primary School