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Salusbury Primary School pupils dazzle crowds at Queens Park Day

A group of Year 5 pupils from Salusbury Primary school put on an elaborate bike dance display in front of crowds at Queens Park Day.


Salusbury Primary School Bike Dance troupe
Salusbury Primary School Bike Dance troupe


In what has now become something of an annual tradition, pupils from Salusbury primary school were asked to asked by the organisers of the Queens Park Day festival to choreograph a bike dance.

The journey to Queens Park day began back in early summer before the summer holidays. A select group of cyclists from Year 5 volunteered to take part. After a few sessions of practicing in the school playground, learning advanced bike handling skills, the group went home to practice over the summer holidays.

In early September the group came back together to mould their now well-honed skills into a routine set to music. But what music to choose?

After some careful consideration, Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk was chosen as the perfect song to accompany the group’s bike moves.

The song is also good enough that nobody minded hearing it hundreds of times over during dress rehearsals!

A hectic week of practicing in the school playground led to the big day on Sunday 13th September. Queens Park Day is a large annual festival held in Queens Park in Brent and brings together the whole community with lots of shows, displays and stalls.

The park was busy and as 2pm drew near the crowds began to arrive at the bandstand. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife and feel the anticipation rippling through the crowd.

The Salusbury cyclists warmed-up, circling the bandstand, getting a feel for the new venue and going through their routines.

As the clock struck 2 it was time to go on. It was showtime…

A big congratulations has to go out to the Salusbury cyclists and their amazing performance. The crowd loved the display and I think only wished that it could go on longer! There is always next year.


BMX Beginings in Brent

Brent entered their first ever team to the London Youth Games BMX Event this year.

We ran a  two month program of taster sessions, try outs and training sessions took place in Brent Bike It Schools and at the BMX track in Hayes, Hillingdon over the spring. The program prooved very popular and culminated in a team of 8 children from Brent being selected to compete  in the event at the Mitcham track in Merton last Sunday.

2014-06-08 11.21.11 The Brent BMX Team at The London Youth Games, Sunday 8th June 2014


With 4 in our Junior team and 4 in our Youth team we were well represented.The team did really well, getting a rider into the quarter finals. As it was the first entry into BMX this is a massive achievement for Brent.

It was a big team effort between Brent Council, Access Sport, Sustrans and the Bike It Schools, and especially St Joseph’s Junior School who put an extra big effort in to making it all happen. A big thanks to everyone involved!

2014-06-09 16.30.39

The Brent BMX team at the new track in Wembley!


Brent now has it’s own BMX track so by next years LOndon Youth Games we will be storming compeition. The new  track at StDavids close is already in use and the first club session will be this Saturday, 14th June, from 1.30 to 3pm

At St David’s Close Open Space St Davids Close, HA9 9BU

We had one girl in the team (well done Cris) and aim to increase this by next year so girls come and get on a BMX!

Come and get involved!

BMX Star visits Brent’s Big Pedal Star School!

The Big Pedal, Sustrans’ annual national cycling to school competition, went off with a bang in Brent this year.

Salusbury Primary slammed the Large Primary School Category, winning  the Top Slot in Brent!

They came  in 4th place in London and 47th place nationally.

over 50% of the school were on their bikes and scooters, as well as parents, little sista’s and bro’s, and lots of the school staff too.

Keelan Phillips, the world champion flatland BMX Star was the top Brent prize! They lapped up their well deserved victory!

Keelan spent a whole day at the school. He performed 2 shows and held workshops for the top Big Pedal classes, teaching them how to do some of the tricks that he performs. Children were in awe at his superb show of skills and were super excited to have a go on Keelan’s bikes. They picked up the basics really well and are now inspired to keep learning more. The whole school has gone BMX mad!

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In the Secondary School Category, Queens Park Community School came top in Brent and in London, and came 27th nationally. They will also be receiving a visit from Keelan, very soon!

15 of Brent’s  Bike It schools  took part in The Big Pedal this year. The competition was a massive success and had a huge impact on cycling in the borough. All schools taking part saw very impressive results…

And now check out the STATS!

This year Brent Bike It schools combined have achieved an unprecedented number of journeys!

  • Total journeys: 22299
  • Child journeys (bike): 7379
  • Child journeys (scooter): 9740
  • Supporter journeys: 5180

I’m so proud. Well done Everyone!

For more information about The Big Pedal visit

British Cycling Award Brent Bike It Schools

Two Brent Bike It Schools were awarded with Official Team GB Olympic Skin Suits.

Children and from St Joseph’s Junior and Oakington Manor cycled together to  receive the prizes at Brent Civic Centre, with Head Teacher Mark Betts from St Joseph’s Junior, Will Scott Teacher/Bike It Champion from  Oakington Manor Primary,and Ruth Chiat,  Bike It Officer Brent. 



These awesome prizes are awarded in recognition of the schools fantastic acheivements in cycling during the Brent Sky Ride program. Both schools saw an unprecedented number of participants who came in connection with the schools, including Teaching Staff, Head Teachers and Bike It Champions. One of the rides they took part in was 20 miles long!

St Joseph’s Junior perform Bike It Ballet

7 very talented children from St Joseph’s Junior in Wembley performed a magnificent Bike Ballet routine at the opening of Brent’s new Civic Centre.

The adoring crowd were wowed by fabulous formation cycling and special moves and tricks in time to the popular track Gangnam Style. The group trained hard at school and got creative, inventing their own new tricks for the show. Bike It Officer for Brent, Ruth, who worked with them to create the show, was very proud !

St Joseph’s Catholic  Junior have a Sustrans Silver School Mark. They are working hard to develop sustainable travel at the school and love to incorporate new and interesting activities!

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