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Bike Week at East Barnet School!

Bike shed during bike week
Bike shed during bike week

In June East Barnet school saddled up and celebrated its very first ever Bike Week, coinciding with the national event. Here students had the chance to take part in an action-packed week of daily cycling activities which were met with an enthusiasm which only grew as the week went on. Continue reading Bike Week at East Barnet School!

A week in the life of a Bike It Plus Officer…

Hello! I joined the London Bike It Plus team to cover the boroughs of Barnet and Tower Hamlets back in the haze of sunny September. Out of the huge but exciting learning curve that has been the last few months what I’ve found the most enjoyable part of the role has been the enormously wide-ranging events and activities that you do over a month,  a week and sometimes even over just one day.

I thought I’d share with you a particularly eventful week leading up to Christmas in the life of a new Bike It Officer…


First thing Monday morning I was off to Barnet for a launch assembly and Year 5 and 6 consultations at Trent CE school. Here we are thinking of reason for cycling, can you guess what the clues that the children are holding might mean?


Tuesday was an early start in Tower Hamlets but it was a lovely, bright day for a tasty Biker’s Breakfast for everyone who cycled in to school that day at St Anne’s Catholic Primary. As well as enjoying some good grub the children also had their bikes checked out by Dr Bike.


Another day, another Dr Bike. This time on an extremely foggy day at Sacred Heart School in Barnet. The weather did not deter people from pedalling in however with a fantastic turnout of 50 bikes!

Midday I popped over to nearby St Catherine’s to hold another Christmas-themed Bling Your Bike, an event that I ran every lunch time that week. Wednesday’s turn was Year 4 who were by far the keenest of them all!


Thursday I got to be sneaky, pinning a golden ticket on 3 lucky bikes at Sir William Burrough school in Tower Hamlets who’s owners could trade their ticket for some bike-themed goodies.


The week finished off with another double-whammy event at ImageSt Paul’s Way Trust Secondary school which consisted of another Dr Bike and a kit sale which gave students the chance to get essential discounted equipment such as lights and helmets.

So that was my week, it was definitely exhausting but also a lot of fun. I look forward to all the amazing and different things Bike It Plus will offer in 2014!