Salusbury Primary School pupils dazzle crowds at Queens Park Day

A group of Year 5 pupils from Salusbury Primary school put on an elaborate bike dance display in front of crowds at Queens Park Day.


Salusbury Primary School Bike Dance troupe
Salusbury Primary School Bike Dance troupe


In what has now become something of an annual tradition, pupils from Salusbury primary school were asked to asked by the organisers of the Queens Park Day festival to choreograph a bike dance.

The journey to Queens Park day began back in early summer before the summer holidays. A select group of cyclists from Year 5 volunteered to take part. After a few sessions of practicing in the school playground, learning advanced bike handling skills, the group went home to practice over the summer holidays.

In early September the group came back together to mould their now well-honed skills into a routine set to music. But what music to choose?

After some careful consideration, Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk was chosen as the perfect song to accompany the group’s bike moves.

The song is also good enough that nobody minded hearing it hundreds of times over during dress rehearsals!

A hectic week of practicing in the school playground led to the big day on Sunday 13th September. Queens Park Day is a large annual festival held in Queens Park in Brent and brings together the whole community with lots of shows, displays and stalls.

The park was busy and as 2pm drew near the crowds began to arrive at the bandstand. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife and feel the anticipation rippling through the crowd.

The Salusbury cyclists warmed-up, circling the bandstand, getting a feel for the new venue and going through their routines.

As the clock struck 2 it was time to go on. It was showtime…

A big congratulations has to go out to the Salusbury cyclists and their amazing performance. The crowd loved the display and I think only wished that it could go on longer! There is always next year.