The Norbury Bike It Crew teach puncture repair

Our brilliant Bike It Crew at Norbury Primary School recently learnt how to fix a puncture in an inner tube.

DSC02844DSC02843They worked in pairs, one person pumping, the other finding the hole by feeling the air stream on their face. When they had found the hole they prep’d the surface with sandpaper, applied rubber solution and fixed on the patch.

At the end of the session they had all fixed two holes were given their own bike pump, puncture repair kit, an inner tube……. and a safety pin! Why a safety pin? Because the best way to check you’ve learnt something is to show someone else how to do it.

Our Bike It Champion, Ms Turnbull organised a cascade learning session where each of our Crew taught two other students how to patch a tube. Each member of the crew will be showing two family members how to make the repair so the knowledge will spread.

Well done Norbury Bike It Crew and Bike It Champion !