BMX Day at Pimlico Academy in Westminster

Last Thursday we had a great day at Pimlico Academy in Westminster, where over 600 pupils honed some new found BMX skills.

With great excitement and trepidation, the pupils pulled on their helmets, gloves and jumped on their bikes to initially get to grips with standing up on their pedals, and become familiar with the different riding style that is BMX on the flat area of the playground.


Once confident with their bikes, the pupils lined up and were ready to take on the various ramps that had been set up by the brilliant team at Access Sport, who also provided two excellent coaches, that did a fantastic job in encouraging and giving advice and support to get around the track.


IMG_0083  IMG_0087

The day was linked in to the school science week, so alongside the practical element, some display boards on cycling and health were created by the science department and displayed in the school canteen.

pimlico academy bmx       pimlico academy bmx 2

Such a brilliant day and real buzz around the school was created, looking forward to lots more cycling activities over the coming months.

Louise Powell, Bike It Plus Officer, City of Westminster