Teaching parents to cycle in Sutton


Mums , Cycle Instructors and Sutton Council staff celebrate  their success at the end of the project

Nine Mums from two schools in the London Borough of Sutton attended an eight week cycle training course to give them the confidence to start riding with their children. The project was funded by Sutton Council’s School Travel team who provided the participants with free bikes, helmets, high viz jackets and locks. The course took place at Dorchester Primary in Cheam and parents from surrounding schools were invited to take part in the training.


As part of the eight week course , the mums were given one to one tuition, firstly in the school playground for two weeks and then on quiet roads near the school.


Integral to the training was on-going bike maintenance, where they learn the basics of checking a bikes safety and readiness  for riding. They also learnt how to repair punctures and were given bicycle repair kits.

So popular was the project that a group of them have decided to meet on a regular basis and go for social bikes rides together.

As part of the project a film was made to show how effective the project is at getting teaching the Mums to ride on London’s busy streets.