Bright Bikes on Playground Walls

When space is at a premium, simple measures to increase cycling levels (such as building somewhere to store all those bikes) can quickly turn into a complicated logistical puzzle. 

Paint pots
When everything finally came together for Edgware Primary, the school wanted something big to celebrate.

Not only would they have a biker’s breakfast, they decided to transform the uninspiring fence behind the new bike shelters into a painted advert for cycling, right in the middle of the playground.

Children across the school submitted their ideas for two murals in school-wide competition. Some fantastic entries were submitted, whittled down, compared, and finally the best were chosen.

Unfortunately our luck with picking good things then ran out. The day we had chosen to start the murals was the coldest and wettest day of half term. Rain thundered onto a hastily erected tarpaulin, wind blew our brushes and paint lids, the ground flooded beneath our feet. The worst possible conditions for painting, with fears that the paint simply wouldn’t dry in time.


Thankfully our team was dedicated, spirits were kept high, puddles were avoided and eventually after 6 hours the murals were completed!

Mural completed

These murals face into the main playground, where parents congregate twice a day. They are visible from the main school office and surround the children as they play during break time. For a school which had no bike storage at the beginning of the year, it is testament to both the strength of the Bike It Project and also the dedication of the school to now see two shelters and two big cycling murals in prime position.

Big thanks for Edgware Primary’s Bike It Champion Ana Firoozyar, and master mural painter Lisa Price for withstanding arctic conditions to get this inspiring project completed!

The final mural