Don’t Let the Cold Weather Stop You!

Nothing holds back North Croydon’s Rockmount Primary school from getting out doors on their bikes! rockmount2 allThis week I had the pleasure of getting involved with Rockmount’s weekly cycle club. Mrs Jessel and Mrs Ahmed take the children out every Tuesday lunch time for a cycle around their local park, they also have a structured cycle skills session in the park’s basketball courts.

This week it was an extra special session as snow had settled across the park, I thought it was very positive that they hadn’t cancelled the bike club due to the snow. Snow added something very special to the session and the pupils understood to travel at a steady pace and take extra care.

The purpose of Cycle Club at Rockmount is to encourage the children to consider cycling in all weathers as fun and possible.  It might be wet play for everyone else at school, but the Cycle Club children know that as long as we are wrapped up and prepared for the rain, snow, and wind, we go out and enjoy it.   Mrs Jessel