Puncture Repair Workshop at Harefield Junior School

puncturekitWe were really excited when we were picked to do the Puncture Repair workshop because we love cycling. Also it is interesting to do something different in school with special visitors.

To demonstrate how to repair a puncture, our Bike it Officer poked a hole in two tyres.  Our first job was to find the punctures on the tyres.  We found the puncture by pumping up the tyre and then feeling the air on our faces and listening for a hiss.

Next we marked where the puncture was with a pen. We had to make sure we did a big cross, otherwise we would lose the spot.  Afterwards, we rubbed the big cross with sandpaper and that made the tyre smoother so we could put the patch on.

After that, we got ready to attach the patch with special glue.

Finally, we put a patch on the tyre (just like a plaster), and pumped it up.

Now we feel confident that we could repair a puncture on our own bikes!  The workshop was a lot of fun.

By Leah and Shelby (Bike Crew Members at Harefield Junior School)