Roller League Final 2014

Last week the Bike It London team hosted the long awaited 2014 final of the Roller League in partnership with Rollapaluza. The event saw riders from 10 schools across 10 London boroughs competing to become the champion of the League.

League posterRiders needed to pedal as fast as they could over 250 meters setting as fast a time as possible and earlier in the year Rollapaluza visted each school to find their fastest who were then invited to the final held in the centre of London at the Abbey Centre in Westminster.

Rollapaluza 12 DSC_1399

The final was an incredible day with lots of stuff happening – the ‘4 up’ rig on stage where the riders slogged their way through qualifiers, semi-finals and finals. A 500 meter special rig giving all of the riders a chance to set their fastest time over double the standard distance, There was a movie area and a smoothie bike churning out delicous smoothies to all who rode it, as well as a quiz testing the compeitiors knowledge of some of Britains greatest cyclists.

The finals of the Leage were hotly contested with incredibly close times throughout the whole event, which was unsurprising given that they were all competing to win a brand new bike worth over £300, medal and Roller League Trophy. These prizes were given to the top riders in each of the categories as well as those who came top in the 500 meter special. Those placing second, third and fourth each got cinema vouchers, pumps and repair kits.


The day was a great success and all of the competitors did incredibly well settting super fast times and beating all the records from previous events held over the last three years. Below are the results of each category with their respective times. For a full rundown of each riders results follow this link:

Year 9 Boys Year 9 Girls
1st Altay – 12.61 1st Rhea – 14.59
2nd Ashby – 12.72 2nd Nicole – 14.64
3rd Rhys B – 13.05 3rd Julia – 14.65
Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls
1st Jannai – 13.33 1st Rima – 14.78
2nd Mickel – 13.43 2nd Amy – 15.62
3rd Dylan S – 13.91 3rd Salma – 16.06
500 Meter Special
Top Boy: Lucas – 27.06
Top Girl: Nicole – 30.74