Build a Bike

Building a bike is specialised work, and at Queenswell Infant and Nursery School, Year 2 pupils were given a chance to show off their bike knowledge and budding mechanic skills with a paper build-a-bike session.

Finding parts 2

With the much appreciated help of Bike It Officer Maia, twelve bike parts were hidden around the school, including tyres, wheels, handlebars and brakes. Each class was asked to find them, identify them, and fit them together.

Showing off bike parts

Building our bikeUndeterred by the number of parts, the children quickly recognised that there was a certain order in which bikes need to be built. Working hard as a team, they helped each other put down each part in turn, learning how each part affects others to make bikes move.

Once our bike was ready, it was time to bring out the smoothie bike to look at real bike parts, especially any different ones we hadn’t seen before. Most importantly, this was a great opportunity to get excited about using the smoothie bike at the Christmas party later on that day! Thanks to all the year 2 children and teachers for a great day of bike building!

What's different about this bike?