World Cup Cyclist Visits Croydon Schools

Londoner Andy Smith set himself a very large six month challenge. He was to cycle 5,000 miles across Brazil to all of the Stadiums during the World Cup. He completed his challenge this summer AND managed to raise £5,500 for charity in the process! Croydon Bike It school were lucky enough to have him visit to share his story.virgo f crew and andy Andy delivered presentations and discussions in four schools in Croydon Bike It schools; Virgo Fidelis Preparatory, Rockmount, St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox and Downsview Primary.  The Bike It Crews also had the opportunity to interview him as part of their role to report on Bike It events at the school.

Audio Interview Links Below: taken from both Downsview and St Cyprian’s Primary:

A pupil at St Cyprian’s asked :

“At any part of the journey did you feel like giving up?”

Andy responded “There were. Sometimes it got very tough because the temperature was hot, there were lots of big hills to cycle up and my bike was heavy and I would feel very tired, but, I always wanted to keep going and it was exciting to get to the next place and see the next part of countryside or visit the next town. So, I never stopped, it was difficult sometimes, but I always wanted to keep going. Everyday I woke up and was excited to get on the bike again and cycle for another day” 

A pupil at Downsview asked :

“Did you see any famous people when you were in Brazil?”

Andy responded “I met some important people, from this Country I met Prince Harry, he got introduced to me by the British Ambassador of Brazil and I got to tell him about my trip” 

A pupil at Virgo Prep asked:

“What inspired you?”

Andy responded “I saw some people I know who had been on some exciting trips,  and I thought wow!, I could do that for myself. I wanted to ride my bicycle long distance and I wanted to have an adventure and watch the football, I put all of those three things together and I realised that meant I could make some money for charity by telling people about my journey. All of those things together inspired me to go and do it.”

A pupil from Rockmount asked:

“Did you go through any Rain Forests?”

Andy responded “I finished my trip in the Amazon Rain Forest, it is an amazing place! I had to take a boat on that part of my trip as there wasn’t any roads, just rivers. I feel very privileged to have had the chance to visit such an amazing place” 

a HUGE THANKYOU to Andy for taking the time to spend a whole day in Croydon and share his story and inspire so many young people. If you would like any more information regarding his journey you can visit his website:

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