Once a Bike It school, always a Bike It school

At the very beginning of each Bike It journey our Bike It Officers work closely with schools and deliver a bespoke programme that encourages pupils and staff to cycle more often. After a year or two, it’s time for the schools to keep up the cycling momentum on their own. To blur the borders of transition from ‘intensively engaged’ to ‘supported’ stage we have now added something new to our Bike It menu: the Champions’ Resource Pack!

Each month around 300 Champions receive a document full of ideas for bike-themed activities. So far the response has been amazing and we have already send quite a few bags with prizes to Brent, Tower Hamlets and Lambeth schools, which organised Bike-oween and road safety related activities.

Have a look at the blinged bikes from two of the supported schools and let us know when you start organising a Bike It event. We will be happy to help!