Young Leaders Coach Hub Juniors in Brent

Young leaders at Brent secondary school, QPCS have been trained by their Bike It officer to coach younger students in cycle skills.

The initiative aims to improve continuity in cycling between the primary and junior schools, and the Secondary school with in the Bike It Hub.

Students from Year 6 in 2 nearby schools, Malorees Junior and Salusbury Primary participated in the initiative. The groups came on bicycle from their school, to their soon to be secondary school, accompanied by their Bike It Officer, school staff and local cycling PCSOs. On arrival they were allowed a short rest and then the session began.

Students are organised by Young Leaders


The bar is set high at the outset!






The Young leaders from Year  9, did demonstrations on their bikes to show the younger students how to master new skills, and organised them to participate in a number of activities. They reported that they very much enjoyed this experience and felt it would be very useful for them. One said she was hoping to make a career working with younger people in a sports setting, and that participating had given her valuable insights and experience  into what this is like.


But it gets more challenging!
A bit of practice…


A bit of constructive cheating for encouragement!
Soon the younger students begin to master the new skills!

   Younger students were very impressed by their older role models and expressed a sense of awe at the skills that were demonstrated. They  all had a good go at attempting the skills, and made significant improvements throughout the session. The Limbo was the most challenging as the pole went so low! Students learned  how to come out of the saddle and crouch down as low as their handle bars, balancing on one side of the bike.

Group riding and gear selection activity. Plenty of fun on both sides!!
Paired riding exercise… extended!

Once completed they were accompanied by their Year 9 coaches for a free lunch in the school canteen!  The year 9’s were clearly over the moon at the prospect of getting into lunch early!

The younger students left QPCS feeling confident about their new journey come September, and inspired by the young leader. On arrival back to  Malorees Junior the group were exuberant. ‘I’m definitely going to cycle to school next year!’ said one member of the group, to which the others all cheered in agreement, ‘That was so cool!’

The team of Young Leaders