Salusbury Cycle Crew ‘Dance Off’

The Awesome Salusbury Cycle Crew have made their first public appearance!

Inspired by ‘Bike It’, 12 children at Salusbury Primary School in Brent formed the Crew and trained hard to learn and perfect their Bike Dance skills.

Having split into two, the teams went head to head for the main event: The Dance Off!

The competition was held at local event Queen Park Day on Sunday 14th Sept, in Queens Park, Brent, London. It was a sunny day, the festival was getting busy, and a crowd was gathering at the ring.

Tension was beginning to build…

Both teams were psyched up for the battle!

Excitement was high as the first half of the Crew entered the ring and began their show. To the sound track of the Rolling Stones, Jumping Jack Flash, they whizzed around the ring and the crowd went wild as they demonstrated their fantastic tricks and stunts!

No one thought it was possible to live up to what the first group had achieved but the crowd were amazed as Group 2 came on and continued the stunning spectacle.

Both performed a double plus routine!

Group 2 execute the Cross Bar Move to perfection
Group 2 execute the Cross Bar Move to perfection
Flat Back Move
The Bike Lift
Lift 2
The crowd just love that Lift move!
Half Star 2
The Half Star
Cross Bar
Another Cross Bar!
leg Behind
Leg Out Behind Move

After performing a final Lift in unison, to cheers and screams from the enthralled crowd, the 2 teams are left in suspense as the judges discuss things…

All eyes on the judges as The Crew eagerly await the decision

The judges stated that they were ‘blown away’ by the two teams performances. They were unable to choose between them, calling a draw!

The hard work was all worth it! The Crew came out of the ring to celebrate with Jelly Beans all round!

Proud parents were in tears as they congratulated them.

Crew Coach and Manager/Bike It Officer, Ruth Chiat said she felt the Crew had surpassed all expectations. Marking her last Bike It event in the borough as she moves to Bike It Plus Newham, Ruth was pleased to end on such a high!

Jelly Beans
Finish and de-helmet…
Jelly Beans 4
All the Crew are Winners! They celebrate with jelly beans!

Children from Brent Bike It  school St Joseph’s Junior, did a similar performance at the opening of Brent’s new Civic Center last October. You can read more baout it here:

Talk to your Bike It Officer to find out about how you can do this in your school. You can make a performance at your school or showcase your talents to the public at a local event!

Photography by Jeremy Tranter, Bike It Plus Westminster