The ‘Frog Pools’, new bikes for after school clubs

Tadpoles and Frogs have now arrived in pools at Schools in Enfield and Redbridge ready to help children increase their activity as part of PE and after school clubs.

Confused? well don’t be, these are children’s bikes, ordered and built by Andy the school’s Bike It Officer (BIO) on behalf of St Mary’s RC Primary (LBE) and Gearies Primary (LBR).  The school champions, Patrick and Maureen were both keen to encourage cycling as part of the curriculum and build on the work they have done so far to promote cycling to school.  Establishing after school bike clubs were discussed and seen by both schools as an inclusive way to allow children with or without bikes to take part in a fun and new activity.  With advice from their BIO, the bikes along with helmets were arranged for delivery in readiness for use in the summer term.

box of Frogs
Boxes of Frogs all ready to be built

Teachers from both schools attended training from British Cycling, and Sustrans Bike It Officers to show and  enable them to set up and run fun cycling sessions for children at their schools.  Those attending the training said it was very interesting and useful to see how sessions can be set up, and the skills and games that can be delivered in the playground.

Patrick skills and Games St Marys RC April 2014
Patrick taking part in his Skills and Games Training at Oasis Academy Hadley (LBE), led by Andy Casson (BIO)

The Frog bikes are not the usual green you might expect but spotty and bright orange so they will stand out as the schools pool bikes.  Both schools opted to have ‘Tadpole’ balance bikes for use by children in year 1 and below to start the learning process without stabilisers which allows children to practice balance on two wheels before pedalling.

Gearies pool of Frogs
Gearies Primary School (LBR) pool of ‘Frogs’ (and one ‘Tadpole’)

The arrival and building of the bikes has already caused quite a stir amongst the pupils who are very excited about the schools new bikes and the new club they can attend.  Letters have gone out and the after school clubs will be starting this half term with no shortage of willing participants.

After building the bikes, all model and frame numbers have been recorded with the schools having been advised to register them in case of theft.  This can be done with Bike Register , a free service.  As well as secure storage this is something all schools should consider when they get pool bikes (just in case)

St Marys pool
St Mary’s RC Primary School (LBE) pool of ‘Frogs’ Bright orange and spots to stand out

Funding for the bikes came from Borough small grants as part of the School Travel Plan process and the PE Sports Premium.  One stream has the aim of increasing a sustainable travel mode and the other increasing activity in children.  With the right support cycling can achieve both, and is an ideal way to involve children who might otherwise not engage in team sports. It is also fun and a great life skill to have.

PE Sports premiums are available to Primary schools visit the following link for more information: