Are you wondering what Bike It Plus has been up to in West London?

Then read on!

Big Pedal

Six Bike It schools in the two boroughs took part in the Big Pedal competition this year and tirelessly promoted cycling and scooting to school over the course of two weeks in March: Blair Peach Primary, Grange Park Junior, Newham Junior, Ruislip Gardens Primary, Saint Raphael Catholic Primary School, and Wolf Fields Primary. Together they reached a total of 7072 journeys to school made by bike or scooter. Well done everyone for achieving such great results! Many Congratulations to Grange Park which came 12th out of all 110 London schools which participated in the competition this year which is a fantastic outcome.

Just look at these overloaded bike shelters!


Cycle games

Blair Peach celebrated pupils’ achievements during the Big Pedal with a massive Bike It Breakfast and Cycle Skills and Games Sessions:


…And Ruislip Gardens Primary held the exciting Cycling Olympic Games for their pupils in Years 4 and 5 which pupils thoroughly enjoyed:

P1040893 P1040899 P1040914 P1040929

Balanceability training

Saint Raphael’s Catholic School decided to extend the joys of Bike It Plus to all, including those youngest in school – nearly all Nursery and Reception children had their balanceability training at school delivered by the Bike It Officer for Hillingdon and Ealing, Magda Sikora:


Bling your bike & scooter

Other Bike It schools in Ealing and Hillingdon were also busy promoting cycling to school and did a great job in shifting pupils from cars to two wheels! For example, the Spring themed Bling your Bike & Scooter competition at Warrender Primary was once again a great success with a total of 34 fantastic entries:

P1040976 P1040978 P1040980 P1040966

Field End Junior School chose another wonderful theme for their Bling your Bike, ‘My favourite book character’. Can you guess which books these bikes are from?

P1040891 P1040881 P1040869 P1040884

Bike swap

One of the most popular events in Ealing was the Bike Swap to which two Southall schools were invited: Blair Peach and Wolf Fields Primary. The event was organised jointly by Ealing Council and Sustrans Bike It Plus and aimed to ensure that children have roadworthy bicycles that are a suitable size for them and allow them to cycle to school; as well as making use of outgrown bicycles that otherwise would be left to waste. The bikes were then repaired and checked by qualified mechanics. The first bike collection event was very successful with over 30 children attending with their parents. To date 29 children have received roadworthy bikes of the correct size and the second round of the bike swap will take place this term.

Dr Bike

Dr Bike sessions were also hugely successful in both boroughs and thanks to the support of the Ealing and Hillingdon Borough Councils and bike mechanics at London Bike Hub in Ealing and Home Counties Cycling in Hillingdon we were able to improve the condition of many children’s bikes. On one occasion we had 100 bikes to attend to (at Ruislip Gardens Primary School), and in Ealing the record number last term has been around 40, as for example at Horsenden Primary School:


And this has been only the beginning of the good weather to come, so watch this space and see what Bike It Plus schools can achieve in the summer term!