Wood End Academy holds its second Cycling Olympics!

After the success of the first cycling olympics at Wood End Academy in the summer, the school held its second successful event of this kind today.  Despite the cold and grey weather children at Wood End Academy greatly enjoyed riding their bikes in the playground and taking part in bike games and competitions.

17 brilliant cyclists in Year 5 and 6 showed off their cycle skills in a number of cycle challenges, including the Olympic Ring, Turtle Race, Grandmother’s Footsteps, and the Boomerang Race. Children were competing in 6 teams, and each team was assigned a country and collected points for their teams. The races were very competitive and all young cyclists did their best to win. However, there was a plenty of good humour too and it felt as if the spirit of great London Olympics was present throughout the event.

The three teams with the most points will be revealed tomorrow in a special assembly and rewarded with prizes. The team which came first will be presented with gold medals.

We were so glad that the event finally happened! The children had to wait nearly a month for the event to take place as it was originally scheduled for October, but had to be rearranged due to heavy rain. We were all holding our fingers crossed for a dry weather this morning and finally we made it!








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